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The area information on Oneplace comes from an evaluation of public services known as Comprehensive Area Assessment. These assessments ended in June 2010. This website covers the annual assessments first released in December 2009, and will not be updated further.

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Welcome to the Oneplace website. Here you can see how local public services performed in England, if they provided value for money and where they could improve.

The Audit Commission, Care Quality Commission, HM Inspectorates of Constabulary, Prisons and Probation and Ofsted worked together to provide an independent overview of the quality of life in your area. You can also discover how well local public organisations, such as councils and police forces worked together to meet local needs.

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About Oneplace

Oneplace was where we published the results from the Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA). We first reported our findings in December 2009 and updated Oneplace information until June 2010.

In Oneplace our area assessments contain judgments about how well each area of England was served by their local public services. The reports cover issues that local people thought were important, such as health, community safety, education and services to vulnerable people. They also set out our assessments about the prospects for quality of life improving in each area.

You can search for information about your area by using the map or the 'search by area' tab.

Oneplace also contains information about the comparative performance of a wide range of local public services and our assessments about organisations. If you are interested in a particular council, fire and rescue service, primary care trust or police authority you can use the 'search by organisation' tab.


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