Uncovering the truth: Using information to deliver more for less - a roundtable discussion

Uncovering the truth:
Using information to deliver more for less

A roundtable discussion

The data debate

We live in an information age. With tough financial times ahead information is becoming an increasingly important commodity in the public sector. Better information makes for better decisions and better and cheaper services.

Web-based technology is transforming the way we communicate and share information. It is driving unprecedented change in the public sector and has the potential to improve the cost and accessibility of public services. It is also a tool through which democracy can be enhanced; enabling greater accountability to the public and driving changed behaviour on the part of citizens, public servants and politicians.

But there are challenges…

  • How do you capture the public's imagination? Putting large volumes of data online is not sufficient to enable them to exercise choice and use their voice.
  • What type and level of quality assurance will the public need to be able to trust the information made available to them?

And risks…

  • Is the data held by government departments, councils, schools and hospitals good enough? Inaccurate, out of date or incomplete information will only further damage public trust.
  • Will putting information in the public domain stifle innovation and drive risk averse decision making?

Starting the debate

Philip Dunne MP, EURIM Director, and Steve Bundred, CEO Audit Commission, invite you to attend this much-needed and timely discussion.

This round table event will take place on 22nd February 2010, 4pm to 6pm, Portcullis House, Westminster. The aim is to prompt debate about how information can enhance democracy and improve public services.

Speakers are being invited to look at how we ensure that data about public services is accurate yet timely, comprehensive yet easy to understand and above all, provides a trustworthy and truthful picture.

Chaired by Philip Dunne MP, the opening speech will be given by Steve Bundred, Chief Executive of the Audit Commission, with additional speakers including Michael Whitehouse, Chief Operating Officer, The National Audit Office; Jim Norton, Vice President Professionalism, The Chartered Institute for IT; and Tony Travers, Director, Greater London Group, The London School of Economics and Political Science. We also have the following confirmed roundtable participants:

  • Mr Stephen Darvill, Government Relations Director, Logica
  • Dr Jennifer Dixon, Director, The Nuffield Trust
  • Mr Tony Ellis, CIO, London Borough of Brent  
  • Mr Christopher Greene, Head of CIPFA Research & Statistics, CIPFA
  • Ms Barbara Hurst, Director of Public Reporting NHS and Central Government, Audit Scotland
  • Mr Rhion Jones, Director, The Consultation Institute
  • Ms Jill Kirby, Director, Centre for Policy Studies
  • Mr James Morris, Chief Executive, LOCALIS
  • Mr Thomas Oppe, Data Protection Promotion Manager, Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Ms Lucy Parsons, Senior Economics Researcher, REFORM
  • Ms Joanne Shaw, Chair, NHS Direct
  • Mr Andrew Sheffield, Central Government Head, Experian
  • Mr Philip Virgo, Secretary General, EURIM
  • Ms Amelia, Walker, Head of Centre for Service Transformation, LGIU
  • Mr Dave Waltho, Head of Government Affairs, SAS UK
  • Mr Peter Wilkinson, Managing Director, Policy Research and Studies, Audit Commission