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Surviving the crunch 

Local finances in the recession and beyond
Released  23 March 2010

Price: £15 | ISBN: 1-86240-587-5 | Stock code: LNR3616

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Front cover of 'Surviving the crunch'

This report is the third in a series of publications looking at the impact of the credit crunch and subsequent recession on local authorities.

It says that councils must think bigger and act quicker to reduce costs, or funding cuts will cause more damage to services and jobs than is necessary.  Most councils have been cushioned from the worst of the recession because the government stuck to its three-year funding settlement. But this ends in 2011. On average, councils receive two-thirds of their income from grants.

Even though the timing and extent of cuts in government support are unclear, the report says that councils must prepare now for leaner times. The sooner they get clarity the better. The best-prepared councils are taking action now to preserve services in the years ahead, but others have yet to make any financial plans beyond 2011.



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